Ten Most Haunted Cities in the World

AI tells us there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of paranormal activity. BUT…some cities have gained a reputation for being associated with ghost sightings, supernatural events, and other paranormal claims. How do you explain THAT, AI—you all-knowing all-seeing data scraper? Some of these cities include: 1. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans hasContinue reading “Ten Most Haunted Cities in the World”

Halloween Special: Myth-sterious Monsters

Hundreds of mythical creatures existed in the minds of ancient man, mostly because in the old days, humans didn’t carry cellphones with cameras. Those days are gone. There are no fantastic monsters in our world. We know everything. We’ve seen everything. And we have the Instagram accounts to prove it. But have we seen everything?Continue reading “Halloween Special: Myth-sterious Monsters”

Halloween Special: Vampires Around the World

When most of us think of vampires, we think of Dracula, a 15th century Romanian who defended his country against the Turks. But true Freakin’ Paranormal fans should widen their horizons (and their timeline) to include locations all over the globe and tales of blood-sucking creatures that stretch as far back as the dawn ofContinue reading “Halloween Special: Vampires Around the World”

Halloween Special: Famous Witches and Warlocks

For the month of October, we are switching gears. Instead of visiting haunted travel locations around the world, we are going to explore the subject of witchcraft around the world. Regarding the subject of witchcraft, Indian Wiccan Wiccan Ipsita Roy Chakraverti said it best in an interview with News18 Books: People are scared of witchcraftContinue reading “Halloween Special: Famous Witches and Warlocks”

Haunted Netherlands

The Netherlands—in particular Amsterdam—holds a special place in our hearts. Someone dear to us died there, far before her time and under mysterious circumstances. We dedicate this late September episode to the sixth anniversary of her passing. If you would like more details about the mysterious death of this young woman, read Death in AmsterdamContinue reading “Haunted Netherlands”

Haunted Northern Italy

Italy is a treasure trove of haunted places. And we can’t wait to tell you all the stories about this super magical country. Today we focus on Venice and Turin in the northern part. We’ll do the southern part, including Rome, soon! Get ready for a spooky ride… Turin—The City of Magic Turin is consideredContinue reading “Haunted Northern Italy”

Haunted British Columbia

This week we travel to two major cities in the province of British Columbia, Canada—Victoria and Vancouver. Both cities lie on the southern west coast, close to the state of Washington in the United States. But there the similarities end. Quaint Victoria, located on the tip of Vancouver Island, is considered more haunted than anyContinue reading “Haunted British Columbia”

Haunted Germany

When you think of Germany, your first thought might be the genocide that occurred there in the 1930s and 40s. But Germany is so much more than Hitler and his atrocities. While conducting research for my series, The Londo Chronicles, I was astounded to learn that Germany is the birthplace of the Romanticism movement. RomanticismContinue reading “Haunted Germany”

Haunted Croatia

Croatia is not only a beautiful country, it has numerous paranormal sites. What stands out about Croatia is that many of the hauntings are caused by recent events, in comparison to the much older stories we have told in our previous episodes. At first, we thought this might be due to the number of modernContinue reading “Haunted Croatia”

Haunted Scotland

Everyone should have the opportunity to visit a Scottish castle at least once in their lives—especially castles that are haunted. Scotland has 3000 standing castles, ruins and documented historical sites. At the last count, 660 were in use (private house, hotel or venue) and 469 were open to the public. In this tour, Jessica focusesContinue reading “Haunted Scotland”