Haunted Mexico

Mexico is a country full of paranormal places. This tour focuses on Mexico City and the northern cities of the country. We’ll be traveling back to this wonderfully haunted place soon! Agua Caliente Casino & Hotel This former casino in Tijuana is now a high school. When it was a hotel in the 1930s, aContinue reading “Haunted Mexico”

Haunted France

Chateau de Trecesson The medieval castle of Trecesson in Brittany is as ghostly inside as it looks from the outside. Many legends surround it, but none so horrible as the Bride of Trecesson. Apparently, a young woman on her wedding day was buried alive in the thick walls of the castle…by her very own brothers.Continue reading “Haunted France”

The 12 Most Haunted Places in Portugal

Google Map | Portugal 1. Almourol Castle Almourol is of the most beautiful castles in the country, but many people don’t know it is haunted by a lovelorn princess (or two). This medieval castle is one hour north of Lisbon and is situated on an island in the Tagus River. It is accessible by boat.Continue reading “The 12 Most Haunted Places in Portugal”