Haunted Mexico

Mexico is a country full of paranormal places. This tour focuses on Mexico City and the northern cities of the country. We’ll be traveling back to this wonderfully haunted place soon!

Agua Caliente Casino & Hotel

This former casino in Tijuana is now a high school. When it was a hotel in the 1930s, a singer who worked there poisoned her lover after stealing money from him. He pursued her, desperate for the antidote. When she refused to give it him, he shot and killed her. The tale is intriguing, and makes a person wonder about the real story behind the murders. Was it a simple case of theft, love gone wrong or a manager cheating talent out of rightful pay?

Why It’s Supernatural:

Students report seeing the ghost of the female singer and not the boyfriend. So someone wants their story told…

What Else You Can Do:

  • Avenida Revolucion – Browse, eat, drink and shop
  • Mullme – Features collections of Luche Libre, Mexican wrestling

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Tijuana, Mexico

Oldest doll on the Island of the Dolls via Wikipedia

Island of the Dolls

The Island of the Dolls, originally owned by Julián Santana Barrera, is full of dolls hanging from trees and buildings and covered with cobwebs and insects. In the 1950s, Santana used to go to this place to drink after a hard day selling vegetables in the market at Barrio de la Asuncion. But one night, something went terribly wrong.

According to the stories, a young woman became entangled in the lilies of the canal and drowned. Her body was found on the banks of the the island. Soon, Santana began to see and hear the drowned girl. He swore she would cry “I want my doll!” at him. Hoping to appease her, he collected dolls from the garbage or in the canal and hung them on the island. He found a doll floating in the canal that he thought might be hers, so he hung it from a tree as a sign of respect. Still the whispers and footsteps in the darkness through the walls of his hut did not abate.

Crazed by fear, Santana began to preach from the Bible and was expelled from the market. He became a hermit and spent the next fifty years hanging more and more dolls, trying to rid himself of the spirit of the girl. Apparently, he drowned in the exact spot where the girl was found a half a century before.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Many people report that they see the dolls move, especially their eyes.
  • Dolls apparently whisper.
  • Many people come here to ask for a miracle.

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Channels of Xochimilco, south of the center of Mexico City,

Hotel California

This haunted hotel is located in the quaint artist colony of Todos Santos, a little village 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas in the Baja. It is considered to be a “pueblo magico” for the many paranormal incidents that occur in the courtyard of the hotel.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • There are countless stories of spirits in the courtyard.
  • A ghost named Mercedes haunts Room 5 and sometimes Room 15. She will offer men wine.

What Else You Can Do:

  • Historical Tours of Todos Santos
  • Whale and Shark Excursion
  • Wine Tours

Go there:

Benito Juarez corner Morelos and Marquez de Leon Col. Centro, Todos Santos 23305 Mexico

via Wikipedia

Mexico City International Airport

An enormous international airport is an unusual spot for paranormal activity. But apparently the terminals of this airport are haunted by a little girl dressed in Victorian-era clothing. She appears, playing with a ball, and interacts with people. Sometimes she asks them to tie her shoelace and then disappears. Supposedly the ghost was filmed, and the video can be seen on YouTube. Also, in 2016, a security guard saw a ghost in the back of an abandoned airplane, and recorded it on his phone, also on YouTube.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • The ghost of a little girl often interacts with travelers.
  • A spirit was recorded on a phone by a security guard who inspected a strange noise in the airline graveyard.

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Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City

via Wikipedia

La Rumorosa Highway

La Rumorosa Highway is a twenty-four mile stretch of highway that crosses over the Sierra de Juarez Mountains. It is considered Mexico’s most dangerous highway, and is one of the most hazardous highways in the world. Speeding, sharp curves and sheer drops have claimed many lives over the years and have fueled hundreds of tales of ghosts. But this area boasts more than just a bad road. The La Rumorosa area contains Native American cave paintings, which are also a tourist draw. In 2018, the first UFO National Camp was held in La Rumorosa, due to the many UFO sightings in the area.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • James Bond star, Timothy Dalton, was almost killed by a rogue truck on set. Watchmen reported seeing figures standing by vehicles at night. When questioned, they would vanish. Many inexplicable events occurred while License to Kill was being filmed.
  • The ghost of a nurse who disappeared while en route to an accident appears in the passenger seat of cars and sometimes whispers in the ear of the driver.
  • A trucker who died trying to get to his pregnant wife still haunts the spot where his rig went off the road. He will ask passersby to to take money to her, as he can’t seem to leave his truck.
  • The benign spirt of an older woman will jump on the running boards of trucks to guide drivers through the pass.

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TecateBaja CaliforniaMexico.

via Wikipedia

Mexico City Metro

Although it doesn’t look mysterious, the Mexico City Metro will take you to many paranormal stops along its 195 stations. Mexico City Metro opened to the public in 1969, and several entities allegedly haunt the rails—mainly people who committed suicide or were killed during construction.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Pino Suárez station – an old employee named Victor Castilla Platonoff died on the site in 1989 and apparently doesn’t know that he is dead. Also at this station is an ancient Aztec warrior who weeps about the Spanish Conquest. 
  • Airport station – a little girl appears who plays with her own decapitated head or will ask for help in tying her shoe.
  • Other stations are haunted by ghosts of train wreck victims, unusually large rodents that kill children, and the spirit of a lesser noblewoman dressed in black who floats over the tracks and tries to abduct children.

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Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, often shortened to STC

via Wikipedia

La Pascualita: The Corpse Bride

La Popular Store in Chihuahua, Chihuahua is a wedding boutique that is home to a mannequin that is allegedly an embalmed corpse from the 1930s. What started out as the happiest time of a beautiful young woman’s life ended in tragedy when the bride was bitten by a venomous spider or scorpion the day before her wedding. Shattered, her mother hired the most expensive embalmer to make La Pascualita look her best.

Soon afterward, a mannequin dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown appeared in the display window of the mother’s wedding boutique, La Popular. People started to notice how lifelike the mannequin was–and still is, even after ninety years. Photographs of the woman’s hands show incredible detail and slight decay, unlike those of a mannequin. But the condition of the figure, if actually an embalmed corpse, is incredibly preserved for a body that has not been kept in an environmentally-controlled location, such as the body of Lenin. However, the face doesn’t look as realistic as the hands. Odd and intriguing.

In 2017, the mannequin was taken out of the wedding boutique for the first time and displayed in Mexico City, Mexico as part of Hotel de Leyendas Victoria tour.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • The mannequin moves, blinks and sometimes walks on its own.
  • Late night taxi drivers noticed the mannequin moving the most. (La Pascaulita’s fiancé was a taxi driver.)

Go there:

La Popular, Chihuahua, Mexico


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