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Chateau de Trecesson

The medieval castle of Trecesson in Brittany is as ghostly inside as it looks from the outside. Many legends surround it, but none so horrible as the Bride of Trecesson.

Apparently, a young woman on her wedding day was buried alive in the thick walls of the castle…by her very own brothers. She is now known as the Bride of Trecesson.

The castle is privately owned and only open to the public a few days out of the year, so don’t expect to tour the inside. But you can still have a look at the grounds. People bicycle or drive here and take photographs. You can cross the bridge over the moat and view fish and check out the impressive twin-tower entrance.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • The Bride of Trecesson.
  • The “ghost room” where phantoms play cards.
  • A headless ghost of a curate roams the eerie castle.

56800 Campeneac, France

What else you can do:

  • Fontaine de Barenton
  • Val Sans Retour

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Catacombs of Paris

The catacombs of Paris are located in the 14th Arrondissement. It is the largest graveyard on record and houses the remains of six million people whose graves were relocated to allow for city expansion. The walls are lined with skulls and skeletons.

To get down to the catacombs, visitors go down 131 steps, walk 1.5 km and go back up 112 steps. The tour is one-way, so once you go down, you’re committed…

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Each November 3rd, the ghost of hospital doorman Philibert Aspairt, haunts the labyrinth. Aspairt got lost in the catacombs in 1793, and his body was not found until 1804.
  • A video camera found in the 1990s recorded the final days of a man who got lost in the maze and apparently went mad. The film includes disturbing eerie sounds. The footage ends when the camera was suddenly dropped. The man’s body was never found.
  • In 2004, police discovered a “man cave” hidden away in the catacombs, 3,000 square feet that included a workshop, bar, living area and a 20-seat cinema room carved into stone. Video cameras were installed in the ceiling, using pirated electricity. When the officers returned with reinforcements, everything was gone. Only a note remained that warned, “Do not look here.”

Go there:


What else to do there:

  • 14th Arrondissement
  • Luxembourg Gardens

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Chateau de Chateaubriant

This medieval castle is located in Brittany. It’s another popular destination for hardcore ghost chasers because of what happened there in 1537. If you’re thinking of going, make plans to be there at midnight on October 16. Why? On that night, the Governor of Brittany, Jean de Laval-Chateaubriant, decided he’d had enough. His wife, Francoise de Foix, was not only cheating on him, she was cheating on him with none other than the King of France, Francis I. So what did Jean supposedly do? He locked Francoise up in a room, poisoned her, and then bled her to death.

Why It’s Supernatural:

The ghost of Francoise de Foix is said to appear on the stroke of midnight every October 16th. She is followed by a ghostly procession of knights and monks.

Go there:

Chateaubriant, Loire-Atlantique, France


What else you can do:

  • Chateau de Clisson
  • Les Carrieres des Fusilles
  • Musee de la Resistance

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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Opened in March 1889 for the World’s Fair, the Eiffel Tower has hosted over 250 million visitors. Out of those visitors, 349 have committed suicide. There is also a bunker under the south leg which is open to visitors during the week. The bunker leads to a hidden tunnel that stretches across the Champ de Mars Park to the Ecole Militaire, a training facility for French soldiers.

Why It’s Supernatural

  • A female ghost is heard on the upper level of the tower. She was shoved or thrown off the tower by a spurned lover. He was going to propose to her. She had plans to break up. On the spot where she fell, visitors report hearing a series of sounds. First they hear female giggles, then an argumentative plea, then screams.
  • The bunker houses a ghost who will apparently shout on command.

Go there:

Paris, France


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Chateau de Brissac

This chateau is one of the many castles gracing the Loire Valley. It is also among the most haunted places in France. Built in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 17th century, the chateau is a hot spot for ghost hunters due to the paranormal sightings and the tale of a grisly murder.

De Breze, the grand seneschal of Normandy who came to live in the castle in the 1400s, caught his wife Charlotte and one of his huntsmen doing the nasty. In a fit of rage, he killed them both.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Charlotte and her lover may still be heard wailing in sorrow. She is known as the Green Lady.
  • These two spirits may also be seen roaming around the castle.
  • Visitors report being touched by unseen hands.

Go there:

Aubance, France

What else you can do:

  • Parc de l’Etang
  • Office de Tourisme Loire Layon Aubance
  • Eglise Saint Vincent

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Rue des Chantres

This little known street is on the Ile-de-La Cite, where Notre Dame is located. It is one of the narrowest streets to survive the reconstruction demolition of Paris by Napoleon. The area was once part of the Notre Dame cloisters and is named after the singers of the church—the “chantres.”

In the early 1900s, Paris was plagued by tuberculosis and other diseases. Hospitals reached capacity, and the overflow was housed in nearby apartments. One of these apartments was packed with orphaned children on the ground floor.

Heavy rains in 1910 caused the Seine to overflow. The river rose several feet and flooded the surrounding streets. The children were drowned in their beds.

Why It’s Supernatural:

Children can be heard laughing and screaming in the street.

Go there:

Ile-de-La Cite, Paris, France

What else to do:

  • Rue des Martyrs
  • La Rue des Rosiers

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Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint Michel rises from an island off the coast of Normandy. It’s gorgeous but ghostly, even on a good day, because of its moody location, gothic architecture and hidden secrets. This ancient abbey and military garrison is a popular spot for ghost hunters, mainly because of one man, Captain Louis d’Estouteville.

During the Hundred Years’ War, d’Estouteville was the commander of the garrison from 1424-1433. During that time, the garrison was attacked by the English. Captain d’Estouteville was responsible for the slaughter of 2,000 English soldiers. It was said the sand ran red with blood.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Phantom monks haunt the abbey.
  • Various ghosts have been seen.
  • The ghost of d’Estouteville is said to be guarding the mount.

Go there:

Mont-Saint-Michel, France

What else you can do:

  • Baie du Mont St Michel – Natural wildlife area
  • Terrace de l’Ouest
  • Le Moulin de Moidrey

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