The 12 Most Haunted Places in Portugal

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1. Almourol Castle

Almourol is of the most beautiful castles in the country, but many people don’t know it is haunted by a lovelorn princess (or two). This medieval castle is one hour north of Lisbon and is situated on an island in the Tagus River. It is accessible by boat.

Why It’s Supernatural

  • In the 9th or 10th century, the castle was ruled by an emir named Almorolon. His daughter fell in love with a Knight Templar. She snuck him into the castle at night, inadvertently showing him how to get in through a secret passage. Unfortunately, the knight was only using her. He brought in the rest of his men and took over the castle. The emir and daughter jumped to their deaths. The princess still haunts the castle.
  • A second ruler of the castle was a warrior named Dom Ramiro. He killed a Moorish woman and her daughter over a cup of water. Unbeknowst to Ramiro, the Moorish woman’s son became a page at the castle. To seek his revenge, he poisoned Ramiro’s wife until she died. Then the unthinkable occurred. While Dom Ramiro was off fighting, his daughter, Beatrice, fell in love with the page. When Dom Ramiro returned from war, he brought with him a knight to whom he promised his daughter’s hand in marriage. Beatrice was distraught. She and the page vanished. Or did someone kill them? On a full moon, you might see Don Ramiro kneeling in front of Beatrice and the page, begging for forgiveness. Why?

Almourol, Portugal


2. Sanatorio de Valongo

This creepy abandoned sanatorium is the perfect setting for a horror movie. All who came here for treatment of tuberculosis died. Built for only fifty patients, the sanatorium was soon overwhelmed. As many as 500 people suffered deplorable conditions here.

Why it’s supernatural: 

  • The sadness and suffering of the deceased tuberculosis patients is palpable.
  • Souls haunt the corridors.
  • Visitors hear hollow cries of pain and see movements in the shadows.
  • Strange pentacle designs are inscribed on the walls.

Valongo, Portugal

Wikipedia: Mausoleum of Marquis de Vale Flor

3. The Cemetery of Pleasures

The Cemitério dos Prazeres, or Cemetery of Pleasures, is the largest, most romantic, and perhaps one of the most haunted places in Lisbon. Built much like a city for the living, it is comprised of 70 streets lined with crypts and tombs. Many have glass windows where visitors can look in and see disintegrating caskets, photographs and mementoes of the deceased.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Visitors report a strange, eerie atmosphere there.
  • Peaceful and beautiful, the mausoleums and above-ground tombs add an eerie energy.
  • The previous lives of the deceased are easily viewed. (If you dare…)

Lisbon, Portugal


4. The Small Castle of Sao Joao in Estoril

This little castle or fort has been on the market several times, but most potential buyers change their minds after visiting the place and experiencing the strange vibe. What happened there? At one time, a little blind girl lived nearby, and she fell to her death from the cliff.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • People report seeing a ghostly little girl, sometimes with a doll.
  • People mention feeling a strange compulsion to jump off the cliff.
  • Waves have been heard inside the house—a deafening roar.

Estoril, Portugal

5. Termas de Agua Radium

This place was a spa resort for people who suffered from skin conditions. Unfortunately the treatment was deadly. This abandoned spa is in the central region of Portugal near Sortelha, Portugal. Once used for its natural spring waters, the spa had to be shut down because of a nearby uranium mine that leaked into the water table.

Why It’s Supernatural:

Locals believe property is haunted by the souls who died due to radium poisoning.

Sortelha, Portugal

6. Pousada Serra da Estrela 

The Pousada Serra da Estrela is a beautiful five star resort built over an abandoned sanatorium. Built in 1936 for railroad employees, it was later opened to patients with all kinds of illnesses. After the last patient died in the 1980s, the sanatorium closed.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • The property is haunted by railway employees who died from tuberculosis 

Covilhã, Portugal


7. Casa Amarela

The Casa Amarela, or Yellow House, is an abandoned estate in the town of Ovar, which is south of Porto. No one seems to want to live in this small yellow house with crumbling stairs and a round portico on the side. Apparently, an overprotective father found out his daughter was dating. Furious, he threw his daughter and her boyfriend into a pit on the property. There, they starved to death.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • The lovers are believed to still live on the estate today.
  • Even Roma who have tried to stay there have left in a hurry—leaving everything behind. Why?

Ovar, Portugal

8. Quinta da Pauliceia

Quinta means “estate,” and often refers to a large house on a vineyard. Quina da Pauliceia is located in Agueda, in wine country between Porto and Lisbon. It was built by a prominent Brazilian family, who lived there for a century until the 1918 influenza pandemic killed all but one family member. His death remains a mystery and the house remains empty.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • People report screams coming from the house.
  • Neighbors hear shotguns and horses neighing in the abandoned stable.
  • Some even feel someone touching their heads.

Agueda, Portugal

Inside the Bela Vista Hotel via

9. Bela Vista Hotel

Who would think that one of the Algarve’s most beautiful five-star hotels may also be one of the country’s most haunted destinations? This hotel, transformed from an old 38-room mansion is located on the southern coast of Portugal. Though it is an updated boutique hotel, it hides a dark presence.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Cries of a woman, believed to be the elderly daughter of one of the building’s first owners can be heard in the corridors.
  • According to the book, Histórias de um Portugal Assombrado, there are numerous accounts of groans, unexplained whimpers, and the sound of someone or something pounding on the walls at night. 
  • Paranormal investigators have even spent the night in the hotel, and many of the recordings purport to show evidence of life on the other side.

Portimao, Portugal

10. Quinta da Juncosa 

Quinta da Juncosa is believed to be haunted by the tormented souls of a jealous husband and his family. This old farm near Porto has a stone house with square towers and a crumbling stone gate leading up the the property. The owner of the estate, who was known as the Baron of Lages, thought his wife was cheating on him. Maybe even poisoning him. So he tied her to a horse and dragged her around the property until she died. Soon afterward, he discovered she was actually innocent on both counts. What did he decide to do? He killed his children and himself.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • The tormented spirits of the family are seen still hanging around the house.
  • The house is abandoned.

Penafiel, Rios de Moinhos

11. Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilales

The Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilales is now a park in northern Lisbon, but the land once belonged to a wealthy businessman. This horrible man kept a slave woman in a cage and tortured her.

Why It’s Supernatural:

Walk through the park at night, and you can hear wails and crying of a woman.

Lisbon, Portugal

12. Casa da John Pike

Dr. John Pike, a naturalist, poet and romanticist, came to Portugal in the early 20th Century and built a lovely home in the city of Olhão. However, shortly after he moved in with his family, his senile old mother accidentally dropped his infant son from a first floor window. Tragically, the baby died. Pike soon moved out and built a different house.

Why It’s Supernatural:

  • Many people have tried to live there, but are too scared to stay.
  • The cry of a baby can be heard in the night.
  • People hear the sound of objects being dragged around the house.

Olhão, Portugal

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